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The Smart Way to Park in Downtown San Jose Lots & Garages

Garage Parking Finding a parking spot in any downtown area is difficult, especially if you're looking for a certain type of parking, like for an oversized vehicle. San Jose is no exception, unless you have a little insider help from ParkMobile. ParkMobile is an easy route to smart parking. We make is effortless to find and reserve hourly parking in San Jose garages and lots around the city, all before you pull out of the driveway. View a convenient map of San Jose parking lots and garages, select a garage with empty parking spots, and submit your payment. Garage parking in San Jose doesn't have to be an expensive guessing game! Use ParkMobile's interactive parking map to compare San Jose garage rates, see pictures of parking garage entrances, and view special details. Does the garage offer ADA parking? An EV charging station? Spots for oversized vehicles? Are there parking attendants on-site and are spots covered or uncovered? You'll find plenty of garage information. FIND GARAGE PARKING

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Awesome! You're ready to embrace a new and easier way to park. Reserve hourly garage parking in San Jose online, today! You'll be able to see exactly where available parking is around you, reserve San Jose garage and parking lot space, and submit your payment. Make a reservation through the ParkMobile app and get extra perks, like warnings before your parking session times out. That means if the game goes into overtime, your shopping trip turns into drinks with friends, or you simply want to stay out-and-about, you can! Extend your parking reservation from your phone and don't worry about getting ticketed or jogging back to the garage to pay the parking kiosk. ParkMobile's alerts and pay by phone parking app mean parking troubles never have to get in the way of a good time again. You can plan ahead and make your hourly reservation weeks ahead of time, or be spontaneous and use the ParkMobile app on-the-go. Whatever your trip calls for, ParkMobile can make sure the parking part is a breeze.

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San Jose is an amazing city. You should enjoy it! Let ParkMobile guide you in the ways of downtown San Jose parking. We can connect you with fast and cheap garage parking close to most hot San Jose attractions, including museums, baseball fields, airports, academic institutions, amphitheaters, and more! There are hundreds of empty parking spots in dozens of San Jose parking garages, all at your fingertips. Once you complete your garage parking reservation with ParkMobile, your spot is guaranteed reserved, so you won't have to drive around the block looking for parking again. Make your next trip to the big city an easy one. Go online or use the ParkMobile app to save time finding San Jose garage parking. You don't have to wait. Get parked and get a head start wherever you're going – courthouse, concert, museum, baseball game, beach, or festival. Reserve hourly parking in a San Jose garage now!

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